Things You Need to Do to Take Care of Your Diabetes

If you or your loved one has diabetes, there are things you’ll need to watch out for when tending to the disease.

Research on the type of diabetes that you have

If you haven’t been to the doctor yet, make sure the type of diabetes that you have. The types of diabetes are

Type 1: In this kind, insulin, a hormone that is responsible for the regulation of metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats stops being made by the body. This means you’ll have to take insulin for the body to digest the sugar in order to turn the food into energy.

Type 2: Insulin isn’t made or used in the body which will require you to take insulin through pills and shots.

Gestational: A type of diabetes where women are susceptible to when they are pregnant. It usually goes away after the child is born.

Eat good food

When you have diabetes, you’ll have to make sure you eat good food just like everyone else. Foods that are low in salt, sugar, and fat whereas high in fiber should be on your list. This is to help you maintain your weight, blood sugar as well as prevent heart diseases.

It is important to note that eating food at the right time is essential especially if you use insulin so as to maintain blood sugar levels. Even if you do not take insulin shots, diabetes pills will also require you to have food at the right time.

Exercise Regularly

Try going out occasionally for a walk or run. You can always join swimming or dancing classes to get your body moving. Invest in a good bicycle so that you can enjoy going out more.

If you do not feel like going out, you can always get your exercise by cleaning the house as well.

Exercises are essential to maintain your weight as well as to help the insulin lower blood sugar levels more effectively. It is also vital to check your sugar levels before exercising. If it is less than 120, snack lightly on an apple or a banana.

In case your sugar levels are higher than 240, it is best not to exercise. It is also best not to sleep right after your exercise since sugar levels may decrease during the night due to the workout.


Do Not Skip your medicines

Even if you are sick, it is essential never to skip a scheduled shot of insulin. Pay attention to the type of insulin that you need when the doctor tells you. Do not change the type without the doctor’s guidance.

If you have stretch marks or scars on your skin, make sure to avoid those spots while taking a shot.